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Energy FX Tube

  • $44.95

The Self-Myofascial Release Roller is used to eliminate pain, increase range of motion and thereby balance the body.  Simply put, it works much like an iron works on wrinkled clothes, except without the aspect of heat.

I created this unique Self-Myofascial Release Roller because I was tired of the growing cost of replacing the “traditional” foam roller I used with my clients, and I wanted more effectiveness from using a roller.  This unique Energy F/X roller is resilient, reliable and effective.  The coating used is safe to the skin, will not chip or tear under normal wear and tear, and gets results effectively.  Got nagging aches and pains, roll them out. 


COMING SOON: My video companion that will show you all the tricks of the trade in using your Energy F/X roller to get pain relief in both your upper and lower body.

Energy FX Tube