For quite some time now I've been asked to create a group training class that uses all of the techniques of re-alignment, core strengthening, and yes, good old fashioned weight loss.  But I have to be honest, when we start talking about large numbers of members, I was concerned that everyone have a positive experience and in fact -- get results.  Getting each member to perform the exercises correctly in a large group can be more than a challenge.  I don't want to create just any old boot camp experience, I've heard too many horror stories of injured backs, shoulders, and knees.

Besides, just jumping around and breaking a sweat anyone can do.  I want to create an experience where losing weight is the least of what you get from my class.  I want you to not only feel better, but function better.

If I'm going to create a class, I decided it would have to be with the same attention to detail and intensity that the Energy F/X Fitness brand is known for. 

So here comes DYNAMIC X.  All of the unique exercises you need to function better, the appropriate fitness level for each member, and the good old fashioned intensity that creates serious change.

Want to know more?

Check out the flyer below--

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First off, let me apologize for not getting this post to you last week. I had some serious server issues that wouldn't allow me to post any video.  Problem solved.  So let's get down to business.

As previously promised here are two more exercises to get you better prepared to enjoy your winter season of snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating.

Much like any sport or activity, a strong core, stable but flexible hips and strong legs are all just a part of being prepared.  But when it comes to winter sports activities you are also faced with the significant slick and unstable surface of the ice and snow.  So you want to be extra sure that your core, hips and legs are ready for a full day of cutting loose and feeling the rush of the air in your face.

Today's exercises will help you do just that, strengthen your legs and hips as well and improve your overall hip flexibility and functioning.  As with all of the exercises I demonstrate, I would encourage you to warm up properly (rolling and stretching) and then perform them.  As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Next week I will share two more movements to improve your overall hip and leg strength as well as a special little bonus.

Have a Happy and safe New Year's Celebration.

I thought about it for quite some time before I decided on this title.  I look at it this way, you have an owner's manual for everything from your toaster, to your blender, cell phone, automobile, computer, and stove, etc.  And let's be honest, how well you follow the owner's manual great decides how long that item will last.  Either you follow the manual and have significant success or you don't and . . . . 

Pretty much anything that has any value to you, you have an owner's manual for, right?  But for some reason when it comes to getting out of pain or improving the quality of your fitness, people just tend to "wing-it".  Then they wonder why they get the results they get.  It's not by accident.

But there is so much information out there, how do you know what is good information guiding you in the right direction and how much is just hype and trends? 

Check out today's video blog and know which is the right information that will help you quickly build your own manual.

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Here we are at week 3 of November.  Time is certainly flying by.  But truth be told, it's just a reminder that the holiday season is upon us.  Right about now is when most of us begin to feel the time crunch of Thanksgiving quickly approaching us, hoping we don't over-indulge yet again this year.  It's also the time when the Christmas shopping countdown begins -- becoming more frantic with each passing week.

But I know all of you have self-control.  You aren't going to let the same thing happen this year that threw you off track last year.  This year you're going to make sure you keep yourself on that long list of "things to do".  This year you'll make sure to stop when your body says it's had enough.  You'll wait a few hours and then go back if you still want more. This year you're not going to wait till the last minute to get your shopping done.

And since you've made those commitments, here is your next exercise to keep you on track.  You use your core every single day of your life.  There really is no "time-off" from keeping this all important part of your body in shape and functional.  Besides, you already figured out back pain is really no fun.

Happy Friday!

I do hope this month I did a good job at keeping things simple and to the point.  I realize we all have busy schedules and like to get the information we need quickly and effectively.

That being said, how is your fight against SB Syndrome going?  Are you helping yourself or someone you know that is in need?

I've given you some really great movements this month to help you get on track with not only fighting SB Syndrome, but also getting that all important core in shape as well. Remember what we discussed, it's not just about vanity when it come to the glutes/butt, it's also about keeping back pain away.  So the way I see it, it's a win/win situation. You not only get well shaped, effectively functioning glutes, you also ensure that you won't have back pain as a result of a weak core or glutes that just hang there and don't do anything.

Keep practicing your movements weekly and enjoy the results.

Check the video below for your final tool in fighting SB Syndrome.

Here we are at week 4 on my campaign to fight SB Syndrome.  Doesn't seem to matter where I turn, the affects still seem to be with us.  But to do my part, here is the next movement for you, or someone you know, to use to fight SB Syndrome. 

Remember, it's not just about vanity, it's also about keeping your core functioning and your lower back out of pain.  The glute/butt muscles play an important role in keep you out of pain. Because if they are too weak or not used appropriately your back and other muscles try to take over. And if you've ever had nagging back pain you know how uncomfortable and irritating it can be. So do your part. Feel free to pass on the info.

Be sure to stop by next week for another great movement to help you fight SB Syndrome.

Well, here we are at another Friday.  You know that means it's time for another exercise to help you or someone you know fight SB Syndrome (that's Saggy Behind Syndrome).  If you've been motivated by my blog, I'm sure you've been just as concerned as I have at what is obviously a growing and alarming trend.  Are you doing your part?

Remember, if I haven't made it completely clear, let me do so now.  On ALL of the exercises I demonstrate to you I request that you activate your abs/core just prior to movement.  Each and every movement you do requires core activation in order to stabilize your spine while you are moving. This is hugely important if you are going to get the right muscles to fire and to avoid injury.

And just a reminder in case you forgot, these Friday movements that I'm sharing with you from my private glute locker are not only for your glutes, they do wonders for core activation as well. Truth be known, in order to for legs and hips to function properly you need a strong and stable core. And besides, I figure what the heck, if I can train two muscles at the same time effectively and safely, then why not.

Click on the video below and get your next tool in fighting SB Syndrome.  Look forward to seeing you next week with another movement to get you firmer, well shaped, functional glutes.

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Well, as promised, this month we are focusing on eradicating SB Syndrome.  And as promised, here is another exercise to help you or someone you know (wink), get rid of the apparent growing syndrome I have observed.

Today's video is an explanation and demonstration of how to effectively do a very common exercise, the lunge.  All too often people seem more interested in immediately grabbing weights and doing one of the more advanced versions, traveling lunges (walking), instead of getting the basics right first.

Check out today's video so that you're sure to get the most out of your lunges, And doing your part to conquer SB Syndrome.

OK, I'm going to say it if no one else will. Has anyone noticed how many people have saggy behinds (butts)? I've even heard the phenomenon referred to as Saggy Backside (butt) Syndrome. Now I don't mean to be rude or disrespectful, but c'mon.  I can't tell you how many times I'm asked for exercises that will tone, shape, and lift the area we all notice when people watching at the mall or beach.

And as long as we're being honest, who doesn't appreciate the look of a nice, firm, well shaped behind? 

But let's take the discussion to a functional level.  A study was done several years ago to find out the difference between people with "bad" backs versus people with "good" backs.  They did all sorts of testing, and analysis.  You know what they found? The long and short of it was, those people with "bad" backs had weaker glutes than those people with "good" backs. If your glutes (butt muscles) don't work properly, your back muscles will over work to make up for it. So having functioning, firm, shapely butt muscles is not only attractive, chances are it will keep you out of back pain as well.  Go figure.

Well lucky for you that I have succumb to the pressure of emails and inquiries.  For the month of October I'm going to share with you each week from my private locker of butt exercises, that I virtually guarantee will lift, tone, and shape that saggy backside.  No it won't be some pill, potion, magic pair of shoes, or ointment you can rub on your "effected" area.  You will actually have to put some work in and do the exercises as I specify if you want to get the results. But believe me when I tell you, you will get results.

Check out the video below for your first backside renovation.