Well this is the last exercise for the series on different movements you can do on the suspension straps (Jungle Gym XT). Of course there are literally hundreds of movements you can do on the straps, but as the month comes to a close I want to move on to share some new movements using the Swiss Ball.

Yes, I do realize that I say it all the time. 

Core fitness is 70-80% of being truly fit

The truth is, you can't perform to near your capability or avoid injury as well if your core is not fit and functional.  And I'm not just talking about being lean and having a 6-pack to show off.  Heck, that's just a matter of having a great metabolism and/or sticking to a good nutrition program.  No, having a 6-pack to show off has nothing to do with how well your core functions.

The funny thing is no matter what your sport, a strong and stable core is the basis of all movement.  Ask someone with back or hip pain how important is a strong and stable core.  And for those of you stuck at a desk all day long it's even more important. 


Because you're stuck at a desk all day long in a seated position. Your core is literally shut off for most of the day.  Muscles function better the more you use them.  Kind of like your brain.  The more you exercise virtually any muscle, the better it will function and ideally the longer it will last.

Thus the importance of exercising a minimum of 4-5 times per week.  Your body, your hormones, your mind and your spirit need that challenge to continue to function at their best.  Like your brain, if you don't exercise it regularly it goes bad a lot sooner than you realize.  Trust me on that one.

But I digress.

Today, I wanted to share with you one more version of the core exercise commonly known as plank.  In this version you are forced to have a strong and stable core as it relates to each side of your body independently, not just when both legs are there to support you.  It's a great next step after you've mastered last weeks example.

Remember, check back in with me each Friday next month where I will be sharing some core exercises using the Swiss Ball.