Well the month of September is almost over.  I don't know about you, but to me it seems like this year is flying by.

This month I shared with you the elements necessary to getting in The Zone. In addition it has been my intention to help you understand that getting in The Zone is not just for athletes, though that is often where we hear the experience discussed most often. Getting in The Zone is about having certain elements present in order to create the environment for an experience in The Zone.  It's not just for those playing on the field.

The first element we discussed was the idea of Focus/Concentration.  I discussed the importance of taking an activity you enjoy and engaging in that activity for 15-30 minutes with complete 100% concentration. I realize in a world that is pulling us in so many different directions on a day in and day out basis, sometimes just being able to concentrate is a task by itself.  But at the same time it is a necessary component to having a Zone experience. 

The second element I shared with you was the element of Getting in Synch with Yourself.  I discussed with you the concept of being mentally present is one thing, but taking it to the next level and making sure you're also present to the physical part of the experience is equally important, and absolutely necessary to having a Zone experience.

The third crucial element I shared with you was that of Setting Challenging Goals. This is an important point to understand because just concentrating and being in synch is not enough to have a Zone experience if the activity your enjoying is not challenging.  The goal has to require you to step up to another level. It has to require an increase in your concentration level and being in synch with yourself in order to achieve the goal. You can't just go through the motions or just be present at your usual level. You'll have to take it up a notch. Thus the goal is not too easy, but not overwhelming either -- it is achievable, but will require you to use the first two elements to achieve it.

This week's important element is a bit more challenging. It is often referred to as the Loss of Self-Consciousness.  Meaning you are so concentrated on the activity, so in synch with the physical aspect of the activity that it almost seems effortless and you lose the aspect of judging your behavior or performance.  Instead you are solely focused and aware of the actions. It is as if you are an integral part of the process of this activity.  It is more a feeling than an effort. Different from the previous elements, this is more experiential.

As you can see, each of the elements we have discussed this month actually built upon one another.  In order for you to Get in Synch with yourself you have to have established a good level of Concentration, etc.

For the final week I will discuss some other elements that are often mentioned as part of certain Zone experiences so that you have a fuller understanding. Not all the elements are needed, but I believe, from experience, there are definitely certain elements necessary to even create the environment for a Zone experience.

Until next week. . . Keep practicing!