Had some technical difficulties yesterday.  Can you say no internet or cable?  Thank goodness they came and fixed it quickly.

Now on to the business at hand.

This month I'm sharing with you core exercises using the Swiss Ball.  The purpose of the Swiss Ball, if you're not familiar with it, is to add increased instability.  By adding increased instability to your training, you increase the functioning and efficiency of your core musculature.

And as you all already know, a strong core is one of the most important aspects of being fit.  You can't truly call yourself in-shape if your core doesn't function properly.  Because to be quite honest, all movement first comes from the core.  It stabilizes your body just prior to any movement you do.  And if it's weak, other muscles take over a job they are not meant to do.  Now of course we all know what happens when you use the wrong tool for a job -- in this case possible injury. 

So don't skip the important exercises.  Train the muscles that matter as well as the muscles you can see.

I'll have another one for you next week.