No matter how you slice it, you really can't get around the necessity of training core.  Whether you're dealing with knee pain, low back pain, or hip pain, chances are, at some level your core is involved.  You would be amazed at how frequently I've used a bit of self-massage (rolling on Energy F/X Tube), some effective stretching, and solid core work to address all sorts of pain issues. 

Yes, I know most of us only think about the vanity aspects of having a 6-pack to show off in the warmer weather, but it's bigger than that.  Core strength is part of keeping your body in alignment (think car tires). If your core is weak, the structures that connect to it, for instance your hips, can't maintain alignment or stability.  And if the hip can't maintain stability how will it keep your legs and knees in alignment when you sit for long periods, walk or run. 

Remember, everything is connected. 

Ignore training your core properly long enough and it's like ignoring putting oil in your car -- eventually you'll have to address it . . . . . or else.

So as promised here's another core movement to keep you progressing.  This is a progression from last week's post.  And of course if you've missed any of the exercises I've shared with you, or need some motivation, check out my You Tube Channel.