Well, here we are again, another Monday.  The last Monday of September.  Can someone please tell me what the heck happened to the year?  I blinked and suddenly we are a mere few days away from October.
Well this month we've been discussing getting clear on what's important to you.  What are your "Big Rocks" (core values)?

The first week I asked you to first get clear on what's important to you.  So many of us pick up values on this journey called life that aren't even ours. Then we wonder why we feel so frustrated or dissatisfied with the direction, quality, or lack of fulfillment our life gives us. So the first part of getting clear on what it is important to you, was to generate a list of qualities or attributes that you admire or consider important.

The following week I asked you to put this list of 7 Big Rocks in order, from most to least important. The purpose was to give you a fuller sense of just how important certain Rocks are in comparison to others.  More importantly it gave you a clearer perspective of what really matters to you. I went on to ask you to personally define what each of these 7 Big Rocks means to you.  You did this by completing the sentence "Being successful at (insert Big Rock here) means . . . .".

So you've created a list, given each Big Rock a measurable definition, and then were asked to sincerely look over your list and ask yourself ""How does my life presently (including work, spiritual practice, family, relationships, health, etc) reflect my Big Rocks/core values?"

If you're like most people, including myself, you found that there is a bit of a gap between what you aspire to and what you're actually living day to day.

Which brings us to today's post. First off, it's not unusual for people to find that their Big Rocks aren't effectively represented in their daily lives.  That's not a problem.  Welcome to life, you know?  What you do about this is now the big key.  If you were to take a look at where you have the smallest sized gap between where you are at now and where you want to be, as defined by your sentence exercise, what 2 changes could you implement this week to help you get closer to that Big Rock?

I want to warn you! Do Not make big life changes in order to close the gap without professional help or at least one heck of a proven support group.

That being said, I would ask you to evaluate each of your Big Rocks and ask yourself the same question.  "What 2 realistic changes could I make in my life right now, that would put me one step closer to being in-line with the life I say I want?" 

Be clear, this is no easy fix.  What it is however is an almost full-proof way to help you stay on track with creating the life you want. Let's be honest, if you're going to push yourself day in and day out to be your best, wouldn't it be nice to be heading in a direction that inspires and motivates you.  Remember, it's all about making small changes and working a little each day, each week, each month.  We're talking about your life here, OK, be a little patient with the process.

I really do hope this process has been helpful for you. I would appreciate any feedback you have about your process, or any questions you may have.