Happy Labor Day!

Hope you've enjoyed your long weekend and are ready to tackle the short week ahead.

Today I have 4 items I would like to share with you that I am sure will take some of the guess work out of getting started on creating that new you.

The first is the easiest of them all.  A new study just released states that it only takes a commitment of 15 minutes/day to actually add 3 years to your life.  Imagine that, just 15 minutes per day and you can add 3 more years to your life -- quality years of course.

15 Minutes of Fitness Per Day

We are all looking for ways to get the results as fast as possible.  So it doesn't surprise me when someone asks, "What is the best time to workout?"  To be honest, the best time is the time that you can commit to on a regular basis.  I realize not every person is an early riser, but if you've considered starting or changing your workouts to the morning, here's -- 5 Reasons to Incorporate Morning Workouts.

The next article I would like to share with you is actually for you to share with one of your friends that is on the fence about whether or not to commit to an exercise program.  So often people make fitness as challenging and intricate as brain surgery.  It doesn't have to be that way.  It actually can be boiled down to the basics.  I realize there is a ton of information out there that can confuse even the seasoned veterans.  So here you go:  3 Simple Rules of Fitness

And finally, the last article of real value today is one that is actually a response to a person I ran into at the grocery store today.  He asked me did I really believe that lifting weights could actually help him lose weight faster.  DEFINITELY!!  I've been in the fitness biz for over 17 years and let me tell you, it never ceases to amaze me how many people begin a weight loss program and only do cardio.  If you're serious about wanting to shed body fat as quickly as possible, including resistance exercise is an absolute must.

Weight Training Routines and Weight Loss

And for the gentleman I met at the grocery store today -- add some weights and watch the difference it makes.

You know the saying --

Get On Track and Stay On Track!!
The year continues to click right by us.  Here we are on the last week of August -- WOW does it fly.

But more importantly, it's Monday and time for some Tips, Tricks and Info to get you on your way to that new you!

First off, here is an article that is nothing short of terrifying -- really, I'm serious!  This article goes into detail about what will happen to the obesity rates in the United States if we don't seriously do something NOW!

Obesity Rates Are Projected to Soar -- Half the Population . .

My hope is that this next article will be key in avoiding the article I just shared with you.  I've seen it in other countries and a few progressive companies here in the U.S. have been using it.  How cool would it be to be paid to workout out?

Workers Tout The Benefits Of Exercise On The Clock

When it comes to change, the hardest thing is to get started.  I remember speaking to many people over the years that tell me how difficult it is to get the process of change started.  Let's be honest, making changes in any part of your life can be challenging in the beginning.  I think this next article has some great ideas on how to get yourself on track.

4 Tips on How To Get Started

OK, so let's say you have been exercising and are just not seeing the results you want.  Or probably more to the point, you're having trouble staying on track.  You want to make the commitment, but it's a struggle to start or keep it going for any length of time.  You're not alone, lots of people have difficulty starting a new routine, let alone keeping it going till they see their results. This should help:

5 Ways Dieters Sabotage Themselves

If we are going to avoid half of the population becoming obese by the year 2030, we better get started. 

Here's my part, passing on tips, tricks and info that matter.  And if that wasn't enough, I'm currently running DYNAMIC X --  "The Anti-Boot Camp Class", just in case you need a little jump start.  You can get all the info here: DYNAMIC X

Well there's your Monday dose.

Remember, you don't have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going!

Now Get On Track and Stay On Track!
Well, it's Monday again.  So of course it's time for some information that actually works and saves you the trouble of trying to make sense of all the media hype and misdirection.

The first article is for those of you who are wondering does timing of meals really matter when it comes to putting on or keeping your muscle.  Believe it or not, it actually does matter.  Research has confirmed something that those of us in the fitness community have known for a while, eating an easily digested meal, high in protein and low in fat, directly after your workout preserves and assists you in gaining muscle.  And remember the goal when it comes to transforming your body -- maintain your muscle and shedding the body fat. 

Here's a little help:  Muscle Building Effect of Protein Post Workout

The second article is an excellent read.  Especially for those of you who really don't want to keep track your fitness progress and goals.  Believe me when I say, it doesn't matter until you write it down.  I don't exactly know what mechanism it is, but there is something about writing down a goal that is very motivating and spurs a sense of accountability.  And what better way to achieve a goal than to make yourself truly accountable.  That's how success happens in any realm -- making yourself accountable.

Need a reason?  Here's 5 Reasons to Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals

And then we move to an issue that is always concerning to me, people looking for shortcuts when it comes to weight loss. I have to admit, there are many "diets" that can provide short term weight loss and body transformation, but few of them are truly safe.  And to be quite honest, virtually none of them are something you can keep up for any length of time.  So why bother?  I mean seriously, transforming your body is a lifestyle change that takes time.  It is something that you do step by step -- getting a bit more consistent each day and each week.  Lasting body transformation is not something that happens quickly -- we're talking about changing habits here.  So even the most committed do back step once in a while.  But with a good program, consistent effort and realistic goals, You Can Do It!

Check this out:  The Danger of Weight Loss Shortcuts 

(by the way, holding your breath as a form of body transformation, doesn't work)

Only the real deal info here --

So Get On Track and Stay On Track!
Hello Monday!

It always amazes me how quickly the weekend goes by.  I do hope the information I'm sharing with you on Monday's is really helping you break through your plateaus and achieve new results. There is nothing that will take the wind out of your sails faster than putting in all that time and not seeing the results you deserve.

Just this past weekend I was stopped by a complete stranger, asking for advice on how to get lean. He shared with me his frustrations about his body transformation due to bad information -- believe it or not, he was doing hours of cardio and cutting out certain food groups. This suggestion from a "friend" gave him almost zero results. In fact, he complained that he actually felt as though he had gained fat.  Your body is a machine -- it has to be fed every 3-4 hours a protein, carbohydrate and a healthy fat. And always remember, marketing is for the purpose of selling X amounts of units of a certain product.  Marketing is not sincerely interested in giving you knowledge and products that work wonders -- they're interested in selling hope.  Which often times ends up misleading you.

On to the good stuff.

The first article I want to share is to remind you that just because you don't see the scale moving, doesn't mean you are not making progress.  Yes, I made this point a few weeks back, but found yet another article definitely worth the reminder.

When You're Exercising But Your Body Is Not Changing

Keeping in line with the previous article. Have you ever notice that when someone is in the process of transforming their body, they often seem to be cranky and just plain not in a good space.  Assuming they are not a physique competitor, that's usually a cue that their calories are too low and/or they are way over trained.

How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Sanity

And what Monday post would be complete without a good old reminder about one of my favorites, the importance of interval training, to decrease the wear and tear on your joints, increase your results, and cut your workout time down significantly.

The 30-30 HIIT Cardio Workout

So now that you have information that works ----

Get On Track and Stay On Track!
So it's Monday again.  Where does the time go?  No matter, it's time to give you some more information that will give you the transformation you're looking for before the summer ends.

The first important article I want to share with you is about motivation.  Yes, I realize that is typically my Wednesday topic, but this article came across my desk and I was impressed.  It basically talks about the importance of being clear why you want to transform your body.  Just wanting to be thinner is too vague.  Wanting to look good and fit into a bathing suit, while motivating, may not be quite enough to get you to change the habits that are holding you back.

Check this one out:  How to Give Purpose and Vision to Your Workouts

The second article I would like to share is about getting better results, and who doesn't want that, right?  I can't tell you how many people I see day in and day out, come into the gym, go through a half-hearted workout and then wonder why they don't see their body changing.  It takes more than just showing up to get the results.  Sure, showing up is half the battle, but the other half is putting in the work necessary to make those changes happen.  Coming to the gym to socialize won't give you the changes in your body you're seeking.

Here's 5 Tips To Get More Results From Your Workouts

And as you know me, I've saved the juicy one for last.  Thankfully over the past few weeks I've had several emails and a few personal inquires about how to safely do interval training.  I've always said anyone can do it, but it does take a bit of moderation to get the process started off correctly.  I think this article does a good job of giving you the quick and dirty on how to get started safely.  And then look out -- cause you're going to start seeing massive results when you apply interval training as your cardio of choice. 

Should You Be Trying High Intensity Training?

Quick, short and to the point!  Information you can use to make sure you see the changes you deserve.

Get On Track and Stay On Track!
WOW! The group training class DYNAMIC X "The Anti-Boot Camp Class" is really taking off.  I want to say Thank You to all of you for coming out and supporting the launch of what I am sure will be the next wave of group training.

That being said, let's get right down to it.  It's Friday so it's time for a new exercise to add to your own private exercise locker.  I want to tell you that this video is from a project I am working on.  As you've probably guessed it's footage from my On-Line Training Video series.  It's a great way for those of you who don't live in the immediate Los Angeles area to get some serious private instruction on how to train properly and get results without injuries.

While there is lots of video to be cut and edited, stay tuned, we're working as fast as we can.

Today I want to share with you a well known exercise with a little twist -- Flat Chest Press with Dumbbells, Alternating.  Now at first glance the movement really doesn't look like much.  That is until you try it for yourself. 

It's a great exercise to add variety to your chest routine, strengthen your rotator cuff and believe it or not, provide a little challenge to your core as well.

I will caution you though.  Be careful with this one.  Start with a weight that is typically very easy for you.  The amount of stability needed in the core, chest and shoulders is no joke.

I'd say we are in the full swing of summer.  Temperatures all across the country are unusually high.  And that means you will need to take a bit more caution and preparation when it comes to keeping up with your workouts.  Remember your body is over 70% water, so staying hydrated is just one issue to consider, especially when training outdoors.  Here's a few other things to keep in mind to be sure that you are able to stay on track with your workouts safely.

How to Exercise In the Heat

OK, so you've been putting in your time in your workouts, but you're still not seeing the results you want and deserve.  Frustrated is probably an understatement right?  Chances are you probably just need a little tweak to your program to get things moving in the right direction.  And I suspect it's a small tweak.  Check out this link to give your own program a quick review and get yourself back on track to making that transformation.

Why Your Weight Loss Efforts May Be Failing

Time and time again I keep hearing people tell me they are not able to lose the weight they want because they are not interested in joining a gym.  Well I've got a little news for you, you don't have to.  Believe me when I tell you there is no magic air at your local gym that creates results.  No, it's the work that you put in while you're there that creates that's change. So know that transforming your body doesn't mean you have to be a member of a gym to get results.  In fact you can transform your body just using body weight exercises! Need a couple of programs or routines to get you started, and save those monthly membership dues? And of course there is always my DYNAMIC X -- The Anti-Boot Camp Class (click here for info).

4 Unique Body Weight Exercises That Burn Fat In 4 Minutes

Short, sweet and to the point.  If you take these Tips, Tricks and Info every Monday and apply them -- you are already on your way to transforming your body and getting the results you deserve. 

Get On Track and Stay On Track!
Your success is based on 2 things:

1.) A Plan

2.) Commitment to that plan

No matter how you slice it, it boils down to those 2 things. 

I know time and time again you've heard me share, encourage, scold, and even preach the importance of those 2 simple items.

    Because I continue to run into 2 types of people it seems.
  • One is the group that feels they need more information to get the process started. 
  • The other is the group that tends to often feel overwhelmed because of the long lists they continue to make for themselves on their daily tasks lists.

    Let's start with the people I know who fall into the first group.  These friends and clients of mine always seem to have questions about some new product or training philosophy they just read about.  They want to know does it work, how does it work and will it work faster than . . . . .

    Be clear, I do understand why we all do this at times.  We live in the information age.  A time when our typical Sunday paper contains more information than the average person in the middle ages would consume in an entire lifetime.  So it actually makes sense that we all want to be informed before we go out and just do it! 

    But sometimes there is such a thing as paralysis through analysis. I believe most of you out there reading this already have enough information to get started transforming your body today.  You know the importance of a good warm-up, the importance of using rollers and tubes for self massage to alleviate pain and tight muscles, as well as how resistance circuit training and cardio intervals can speed up your body transformation process.  All that's really needed is for you to make a realistic plan and commit to it.  I suspect you don't need more info before you get started, you just need to get started.

    Then there's the second group, the group of long list makers.  No matter when you run into them they don't have much time to talk because they are rushing off to do such and such, the next item on their long list of "to-dos". For some reason these people seem to feel that the only way they can reach their goal is to over schedule themselves.

    You know what I've learned?

    All it does is make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  The true secret to accomplishing your goals, making serious changes, is creating a reasonable plan. Trying to make it happen faster by adding more things to your list is just a recipe for disaster and frustration.  Don't beat yourself up.

    • First get clear on what your priorities are, what you want to accomplish in the next 30, 60, or 90 days. I urge you to be fair and realistic about what it is that you want to change.

    • Second, make a plan -- with a timeline (timelines work wonders for making you accountable).  Chances are you have enough information to create a good plan.  You can modify it along the way, but it will get you started and making progress.

    • Third, do your absolute best to follow this plan no matter what!

    I'll let you in on a little secret, I've been a member of both groups at one time or another.  But with practice and focus you can accomplish anything.

    Now Go Out and Get It Done!
Well it's Monday again.  I do hope you had a great weekend.  Today I won't waste your time with a lot of verbiage and build up.  Let's just get right into it.

The first article I want to share with you is about how the American past time has gotten completely out of control.  What past time am I referring to. . . . . snacking.  One of the main causes it seems, is that so many of us eat on the go. These days, it seems there are not as many of the old family dinners many of us grew up with. In fact in my household for many years it was required that we all make time to sit down and have a meal as a family.  It was an excellent opportunity to not only assure a good meal was being consumed, but it was also a good time to be a "family".  We are all so busy much of the time we don't make time to actually sit down and eat as often as we used to, whether it's by ourselves, with family or friends.

Believe me this is rather eye-opening. The American Diet Then and Now

The second article was just too outrageous to not include today.  It's basically a review of how ridiculously high in calories some of the foods are at your local dinner and fast food joint.  There is actually a shake that is listed, from a rather popular food establishment, that is over 2,000 calories and contains more than 3 days worth of Saturated fat, in just one 24 oz. serving.  OUCH!

Definitely worth the read, if for no other reason than to see if any of your own favorites are on the list.  Top 8 Calorie Heavy Meals


So let's say the above 2 articles don't really apply to you.  But at the same time you're really not where you want to be physically. Maybe you want to be a bit leaner.  Perhaps you have just have a few pounds left to get you to your goal.  I think this next one will do just the trick to get you over that little hump and seeing the results you want.  Getting Lean -- Fine Tuned, Raw, and Real

So now you have the info:

Get On Track and Stay On Track!
For quite some time now I've been asked to create a group training class that uses all of the techniques of re-alignment, core strengthening, and yes, good old fashioned weight loss.  But I have to be honest, when we start talking about large numbers of members, I was concerned that everyone have a positive experience and in fact -- get results.  Getting each member to perform the exercises correctly in a large group can be more than a challenge.  I don't want to create just any old boot camp experience, I've heard too many horror stories of injured backs, shoulders, and knees.

Besides, just jumping around and breaking a sweat anyone can do.  I want to create an experience where losing weight is the least of what you get from my class.  I want you to not only feel better, but function better.

If I'm going to create a class, I decided it would have to be with the same attention to detail and intensity that the Energy F/X Fitness brand is known for. 

So here comes DYNAMIC X.  All of the unique exercises you need to function better, the appropriate fitness level for each member, and the good old fashioned intensity that creates serious change.

Want to know more?

Check out the flyer below--